Every Day Counts

Posted on December 29, 2015 in CEO Updates
Dear Friends –

Over the last two years we have worked closely with six schools focused on practices that correlate with improved attendance. While there is much left to learn, the impact of this work is beginning to shine through and have a direct impact on our kids.

Take for example, “Sarah” who is a fifth grader with a long history of chronic absenteeism. In September, Sarah was attending school less than half of the time. A Student Attendance Response Team noticed phone calls and meetings with Sarah’s parents were making no impact, so a member of the attendance team sat down to talk with her directly about the hopes she had for her future, so she could more fully understand how school is the pathway to the life she envisions for herself. As a result of the conversation, and positive reinforcement by her teacher and staff members, Sarah is now regularly attending school. In fact, since her meeting with a member of the attendance team, Sarah has attended school nearly 90% of school days.

All Hands Raised is helping our schools build attendance teams to make this example the “new normal.” With schools, social service providers and non-profits at the same table looking at data, we will begin to see more students, like Sarah, stay on course to achieve their future hopes and dreams.
Behind the data, there is an amazing person who has potential – in this case, it’s Sarah. If you decide to do a last minute charitable gift in 2015, please consider a student like Sarah and support All Hands Raised.

Have a fantastic and safe close to 2015 – and here’s to more long-lasting progress in 2016.

Dan Ryan, CEO