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Posted on January 5, 2022 in CEO Updates, Press Releases

It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that we share Chapter 05 of the All Hands Raised Partnership. This publication of our series highlights the amazing work happening throughout the AHR Partnership, sharing the progress and current reality of the 225,000 children and youth living in Multnomah County from cradle to career. 

Since we published Chapter 04 in 2019, COVID-19 thrust the world into crisis and transformed the educational landscape in previously unimaginable ways. Many of our community partners and school districts are still dealing with unprecedented uncertainties and programming disruptions of the ongoing pandemic. All Hands Raised has–and will remain–flexible and responsive as we navigate these challenges together, emphasizing our collective efforts and impact.

A few of our shared accomplishments highlighted in Chapter 05 include:

  • Supporting remote learning and meaningful student engagement
  • Centering the voices of our CBO leaders to address the issues most critical to our BIPOC populations
  • Creating a strategic roadmap that prioritizes advancing racial educational equity, refining our community-wide indicators, improving access to data, and driving system change through collective impact

We are humbled by this opportunity to share stories illustrating the AHR Partnership’s commitment to inspire our community to eliminate system barriers, accelerate innovation and achieve racial educational equity for all students.

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