Interactive Data Tool Helps Drive Understanding of Education Outcomes & Disparities

Posted on May 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

Effective use of data is a core tenant of the All Hands Raised Partnership. We know that by using current and disaggregated data we are helping teams do more of what works and let go of what does not.

The All Hands Raised Partnership Council adopted a set of Community-Wide Indicators to measure the outcomes that affect kids’ likelihood to thrive. To allow the community to dig deeper into what is presented in Chapter 04,  we developed an interactive dashboard designed to help answer questions that can drive toward positive change. Questions like:

  • Are racial disparities increasing or decreasing across the county when it comes to suspensions and expulsions? What about for individual school districts?
  • How do 3rd grade reading outcomes for African American students in my school district compare to other districts?
  • Have post-secondary enrollment rates for low-income students improved in recent years?
  • How many Latino high school graduates from my school district go on to earn a college degree or certificate?
  • I’ve heard that high school graduation rates have improved in recent years – is that true for all students?

We invite you to ask your own questions. As you explore, note that some disaggregations may be omitted due to small population sizes or data availability. If you have specific questions, please email Amber Klingner, Associate Director, Partnership & Data Management, at