National Volunteer Month Illuminated Through PPS Parent-Led Fundraising which Boasts Largest Amount Raised since the PPS Foundation was Established:

Posted on April 18, 2014 in Press Releases

 $1.25 Million Being Reinvested in the Highest Need Schools

 The PPS parent community continues to fill gaps and break records with their fundraising, illuminating the abundant volunteer hours spent by PPS parents in support of the entire district. In 2012-13, PPS parents raised a record $4.1 million, a number that has been rising each year; in just three years time increasing by over $1.4 million. One-third of all monies raised by parents is set aside in the Portland Public Schools Foundation (PPSF) Equity Fund.

“Parents at Alameda and across the district put in countless hours raising funds to support our kids,” notes Alameda parent leader Erica Coughlin-Glaser. “It is an added bonus to know that through the PPSF Equity Fund our efforts support not only our children, but students throughout Portland.”

Using a data-driven formula that takes into account the demographic and financial circumstances of all PPS schools, All Hands Raised awarded grants, through the PPSF Equity Fund, to those schools that showed the greatest need. For 2014-15, these grants range from $40,000 to $20,000 to 47 PPS schools. In addition, $70,000 of the $1.25 million was awarded to five alternative programs ($14,000 each) reflecting the proportion (5.7%) of students enrolled in PPS alternative programs. A full list of PPSF Equity Fund Grant recipients is attached.

“Our school community is grateful to the parents who work to raise these funds – and we want them to know of the incredible impact they have on our students,” said Lavert Robertson, principal at PPSF Equity Grant recipient school Cesar Chavez. “This year a portion of the funds we received are being used to support middle school athletic teams, and the students who participate on these teams are showing improved academic performance and decreased disruptions during school time.”

Media have the opportunity to see first-hand the impact of PPSF Equity Grants on Monday, April 21. A group of leaders, which will include New Seasons Market (the largest funder of the Portland Public Schools Foundation), will be at Cesar Chavez at 1:30 p.m. to see the impact of the grant. That evening a panel will present to the PPS School Board on the work and impact of parent-led fundraising.

Portland has a unique hybrid approach to school-based fundraising. Following a PPS Board Policy established in 1994, PPS parents raise funds through 44 active Local School Foundations to support teaching and staff positions. In this current academic year, 138 teachers and staff are funded in part or in full through parent-raised monies.

One-hundred percent of the money raised by Portland Public School parents goes directly to support schools and classrooms throughout the district. This is made possible through a generous donation from New Seasons Market, as well as the Demorest Family Foundation, the Roy Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation and other individual donors. Since 1994, All Hands Raised has been proud to steward PPS parent-led fundraising and manage the PPSF Equity Fund. Since its establishment, the PPSF Equity Fund has attracted national attention for its creative and collaborative approach to addressing disparities in school funding and has awarded more than $10 million in grants to PPS schools in need.


Attachment: 2014-15 PPSF Equity Grant Awards