OPB Highlights Work of PPS Parents to Raise Funds, Fill Gaps

Posted on May 15, 2015 in CEO Updates, Media Coverage, PPS Foundation Updates

Dear PPS Friends –

Earlier this week, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) ran a two-part series on parent-led fundraising in PPS schools. These stories were inclusive of all sources of parent-raised funds, but specifically highlighted the good work being done through PPS Local School Foundations to support kids throughout the district. If you missed these stories they are linked below.

While some of the details of our shared work were excluded, the stories do a good job of portraying the positive impacts of parent-led fundraising and also acknowledge ongoing challenges, gaps and inequities.

Part 1: Parent Fundraising Boosts Portland Public Schools

Part 2: Parent Fundraising Fills Holes, Creates Gaps In Portland Schools

We continue to work with PPS and its Local School Foundation parent volunteers to improve implementation of the 1994 PPS Board policy. Thank you again for all that you do to support kids throughout PPS.


Dan Ryan, CEO