Principal for Almost a Day

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When: Thursday, October 28
Where: At multiple schools throughout Multnomah County
Who Participates: Education, business, civic and nonprofit leaders
Theme: Education Reimagined


Principal for Almost a Day (PFAD) empowers community stakeholders to experience the tremendous work of our education leaders firsthand, along with both the opportunities and challenges they face. The half-day onsite concludes with a forward-thinking virtual program about our collective work moving forward.

Afterward, All Hands Raised will gather and evaluate the ideas generated by hundreds of PFAD participants across Multnomah County, then explore real ways we can convene our community to take action—and make impact where it’s needed most.

PFAD is hosted by All Hands Raised who champions racial equity in the educational system and mobilizes our community to advance sustainable systems change so every child achieves their full potential, from cradle to career.

We hope you’ll join us for #PFAD21 to help accelerate innovation and achieve racial educational equity for all students. 


Principals, Superintendents & Other School Leaders

School Leadership

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